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söndag 23 november 2014

Fund raising of new Naimi-release on vinyl!!!

Hi! I have recorded a piano record, it´s soon ready to be released. I’m going to release it digitally at first, but I also want to release it on vinyl. Unfortunately I don´t have all the money to be able do so. Therefore I ask you people if you would like to help me fund this project? The project cost around 6000 SEK.

What you will get if you sponsor the record!

If you give 50 - 99 SEK you get the digital record (that otherwise cost will 100 SEK).

If you give 100 - 199 SEK you get the vinyl record* and the digital record.

If you give 200 - 299 SEK you get the vinyl record*, the digital record and a Naimi-badge*.

If you give 300 – 499 SEK you get the vinyl record*, the digital record, 2 Naimi-badges* and 5 art-magnets*.

If you give 500 – 699 SEK you get two vinyl records*, the digital record, 5 Naimi-badges* and 10 art-magnets*.

If you give 700 SEK or more you get two vinyl records* the digital record, and all of my other records which (another 9 records!!!) plus a few EP: s*.

* (NOTE: You have to pay the postage for the vinyl records and merchandise).

Write your name, address, telephone number and email.
My name is Kristin Eklund, my Paypal is:

Check out one of my songs that´s going to be on the record:

Thanks for reading this!

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